Fixed Rate HMO Mortgages

What is a Fixed Rate HMO Mortgage?

A fixed rate HMO mortgage is a product type designed specifically for HMO property investors or landlords, where the intial interest rate of intial is fixed for a set period, giving them certainty of the monthly mortgage payment amount.

Top 10 Popular Fixed Rate HMO MORTGAGES

Is it difficult to get a Fixed Rate HMO Mortgage?

It’s straightforward to get a Fixed Rate HMO Mortgage. To make life easy we always recommend you speak to a good HMO mortgage broker as HMO mortgage lending changes on a weekly basis, and a broker will be able to provide you with the most up to date HMO mortgage options. Feel free to check out our partners section.

Is a Fixed Rate HMO Mortgage a good choice?

If you’re looking for certainy of interest rate for a fixed period then this is the correct product type for you.

Fixed Rate Mortgage Benefits

Dedicated Products

Products designed specifically for this purpose

Fixed Rates

Locked in interest rates, fixed for the term you choose

Easy Access

Products that allow easy entry in the HMO market

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